Sustainability February 04

Hand-dived scallops

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of our favourite ingredients and how we use them at Dinings SW3. In the spotlight this week are scallops.

Our scallops are hand-dived by Frazer, a local diver in Brixham, Devon and supplied to us by Pesky Fish. Frazer dives down to a depth of between 8 and 22 metres, to select the very best scallops. He leaves any that are damaged or are too small, allowing them to grow to full size. Hand-diving is one of the most sustainable methods of fishing, resulting in minimal environmental damage and hauls of perfectly plump scallops.

The scallops arrive at Dinings SW3 within eight hours of being caught in Devon, ensuring the ultimate freshness from the delicate meat. Pan-fried, charcoal-grilled or as part of our sushi and sashimi selection, these delicacies are some of the finest available. Whilst our doors remain closed; our scallop dish served with wasabi salsa and yuzu vinaigrette is available to order on our delivery and takeaway menus.