Sustainability September 11

Fish Journey

We work with the most sustainable fish suppliers in the country, which allows us to buy sustainably caught, fresh fish directly from British fishermen which means that our menus are bursting with the best of the season. We have 100% traceability in the supply chain and reduce fish waste by cutting out unnecessary steps in the chain.

This lemon sole (pictured below) was caught by Darren Passmore on the MFV Resolute boat, fishing out of the port of Brixham, and brought to us by Pesky Fish. Delivered from Devon, directly to our Knightsbridge kitchen, Executive Chef Masaki created a gill to fin dish, using every part of this beautiful fish, from the skin to the bone. The bone has been dried in a fridge for four days, the fillet aged for four days, and the skin has been dried and deep-fried.


You can find ever-changing, seasonal dishes like this one on our Daily Specials Menu.