Dinings At Home January 06

Susuru by Masaki

Introducing ‘Susuru by Masaki’ our limited edition, build-your-own, home delivery ramen.

Definition of Susuru 啜る: To sip, to slurp. Slurping is considered a sign of appreciation in Japanese culture, demonstrating  how much a person is enjoying their food

Organic, free-range Cornish chicken and shojin stock, light noodles, Nitamago Egg, Char- Sui (chicken breast) and yuzu juice.

£18 per person

Available every day THIS JANUARY ONLY for collection or delivery within a 10-mile radius of the restaurant!

‘Susuru by Masaki’ can be ordered for one or two people, to be heated on the hob the same day. Step-by-step video and slurp instructions by Masaki are available on our Instagram page.  Accompaniments will be served on the side and added according to preference. Orders required 24 hours in advance, prices exclude delivery fees. 

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Susuru by Masaki - The Background 

A firm believer in the power of eating ramen the ‘susuru’ way, Masaki’s traditional ramen recipe - which takes three days to make - uses only natural produce, including the central ingredient of British sourced yuzu. 

Taking influence from his earlier career, which saw him launch two acclaimed noodle bars in Japan, Masaki has made it his mission to shine a light on ramen’s nuances and subtle complexities, a dish often created at volume and without the respect it deserves.