Sustainability March 22

Salmon Farming on a Sustainable Scale

Our salmon is sourced directly from Wester Ross Salmon, the oldest independently owned Salmon farm in Scotland. From our salmon tar-tar chips to our open salmon sushi rolls, it all comes from the lochs of the Scottish Highlands.




Loched in with Wester Ross Salmon

Wester Ross Salmon has been producing some of the best, high-welfare salmon in the UK since 1977 and has three sites in seawater lochs across the highlands. The farmers rear the salmon by hand, using an innovative fish feed without any antibiotics, hormones or medicines. Hand rearing means that they don’t rely on cameras or machinery to monitor the animals' welfare and produce significantly less waste than traditional mechanised methods. 

The team at Wester Ross Salmon keep checks on the impact that the farms have on the local ecosystem and even work with river owners to increase wild salmon stocks in local rivers. They also ensure that the salmon have enough room to grow, giving them ample space, unlike other large-scale commercial fisheries.

The fish that we receive from our friends at Wester Ross Salmon is of unrivalled quality. The flavour and texture are unlike anything we've ever tasted, and that's why we won't use any other supplier. 


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