By Masaki February 11

Sake Tasting Set

1.         Please put all the sake in the fridge as soon as it is delivered and keep it there until it’s time to drink!

2.         Taste the sake following the order below, then enjoy with the recommended pairing or with your favourite food.


Ginjo - 1

Dewazakura “Oka” Cherry Bouquet

Pair with sashimi, salads and tataki style dishes.        

Delightful flowery bouquet with a touch of pear and melon.

Serving recommendations: Serve well chilled.


Junmai - 2

Masumi "Okuden" Mirror of Truth

Pair with grilled or tempura dishes.     

Comfortingly familiar, surpassingly smooth

Serving recommendations: Keep refrigerated and serve either cold or warmed to 50 degrees.


Daiginjo Nama - 3

Tedorigawa "Kinka" Gold Blossom

Pair with sushi/sushi rolls.

Vivid and poised, like plum blossoms at winter’s end.

Serving recommendations: Serve well chilled