By Masaki March 09


In Japan, much like here in the UK, it is customary to serve a drink with a little snack when visiting a bar or izakaya. So, Masaki Sugisaki has been toiling away, practising and perfecting a menu that harnesses flavours, ingredients, and techniques from Japan and Europe and complements our imaginative cocktail list. We hope you will join us at our bar from Wednesday to Sunday for a drink and bite.

The Menu

DFC (Dinings SW3 Fried Chicken)
This is our answer to Japan and the UK’s obsession with fried chicken. We marinate our chicken in shio koji, smother it in a gluten-free coating and deep fry until impossibly crispy. We serve the chicken pieces with a few pickles and umami mayonnaise made with powdered bonito flakes.

Wagyu Crostini
The base of our crostini is made from our homemade soba bread, which is baked until crisp and spread with a thin layer of yuzu kosho butter. Topping the crostini, we have our A5 wagyu, N25 Almas reserved caviar, yuzu aioli and pink peppercorns.  

Robata Grilled Spiced Cerignola Olives
An unusual twist on a classic bar snack, we take our olives from Cerignola in Italy, grill them and then smoke them in our josper oven, giving them a subtle charred flavour.

Tamari Pistachios
Everyone loves a good handful of nuts with a cocktail or glass of wine, so we decided to put a Dinings SW3 stamp on ours. To get that addictive saltiness, we spray gently roasting pistachios with a mixture of sake, mirin and gluten-free soy sauce. 

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