Cornish Adventures with the Dinings SW3 team

As well as following the fish from sea to plate, the team were on the lookout for new like-minded growers, producers and suppliers who put sustainability at the front and centre of their operations. 

In addition to meeting new friends and old, the team may have had a few top-secret conversations about pop-ups in Cornwall this summer. Everything is tightly under wraps for now, but all will be revealed soon...

At Sea with Dinings SW3

Over the course of a few days, the team visited some of the finest fishermen and suppliers in the country. Each and every person they met was passionate and enthusiastic about catching on a small scale, learning new techniques, preserving the ecosystem for future generations and, of course, landing the best quality fish and shellfish possible. From oysters and spider crabs to sea bass and lobsters, you cannot find better anywhere else. 

To Ranger, Ben, Adam, Arthur, Mutsuko and Dylan, we want to thank you for your hard work and for helping us create a menu that reflects the bounty found off our shores.

Elusive Lemons

After hearing about a Cornish farm growing lemons, Masaki and the team were desperate to seek it out. They asked everyone they met, often receiving looks of confusion and disbelief, before taking the search online. A few scrolls and clicks later, the team had found Curgurrell Farm on the beautiful Roseland Peninsula. Here, a small family team grow delicious Meyer and Four Season lemons, as well as limes. Everyone was blown away by their sweet taste and almost tangerine like colour and flavour.

The lemons may make an appearance on our menu very soon. Watch this space.

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